Call To Arms!

Session Five

Sinruth's Demise

After slaying a raging demon and a rat-like creature, the party learns from Sven that the rat-like creature was a lycanthrope called a wererat. Then Sven proceeded to remove the robes that concealed his face and he revealed his full features for the first time. This was the first time some members of the party had seen a longtooth shifter before. As the discussion of Sven continued, the party decided to double-back through an unexplored collanaded hallway to seal off any potential surprises from the back side. Thales stayed behind a to watch over the rescuees and make sure nothing came from the door to the north.

The rest of the party slowly marched down the collanded hall that opened up into a large dark room that had piles of bone strewn across the floor. As the party got closer Shrazkil spotted two golden thrones which atop sat two creatures: one bleached-bone skeleton that held a large scimitar, and another fleshy corpse of unknown origins. Just as Shrazkil spotted the fleshy creature (a wight, as identified by the party) it smirked and said in a sinister voice, “Intruderss! Consuuume them!” Just then, as predicted by some mumblings within the party, the wight said “Arise my warriors!” and the piles of bone that litered the floor arose and formed into skeleton warriors. The fight was on!

Sven and Thor charged into battle as Varis and Shrazkil fought from the back. The skeleton minions proved easy foes and fell with ease, but the wight’s attacks slowed the progress of the frontliners. Then the bleached-bone skeleton advanced upon Sven and made alternating attacks with its scimitar and boneshards. The radiant-infused attacks of the heroes proved lethal to the band of undead and the evil forces took much damage. However, after a few skeletons were slain, their boney bodies were reanimated and they rejoined the fight. The thought of ever-reanimating skeletons startled the party. Varis, recalling from his past religious studies, thought the catacombs had some type of necromantic energies that contributed to the reanimation. A few theories as to stopping the skeletons were postulated amongst the party – destroying the wright or perhaps killing all the skeletons at once.

The battle continued on, much longer than anticipated due to the skeletons arising again. But the wight was soon dead and the bleached-bone skeleton followed soon after. And a few hurried attacks from the party were able to drop all the skeletons at once. All the undead were slain and the party waited a few seconds for more to reanimate, but none did.

Now that the undead were slain the room before them was able to be grasped. The thrones were of golden gilt and ornately decorated with armaments of various kinds. Weapons were also displayed upon the wall behind the thrones. Frescos on the walls depicted older, robed humans riding chariots through the clouds. The appeared to be an audience chamber of some kind.

Thor Manfoot picked through the armaments that decorated the thrones and walls. Amongst them he found an extraordinary executioner’s axe that danced with purple electricity – perhaps an indication of one use of this great chamber.

As the rest of the party searched around the room, Varis thought he heard a girlish voice call out from another dark, collanaded hall to the south. He proceeded quickly down the hall with sunrod in hand while the others followed from behind. He entered another funerary chamber with alcoves and found a smaller rooom off to the side. There he found a small boy bound tightly with rope.

The party had found Thurann.

The boy was in good health and good spirits. Jalissa quickly came to the boy’s side after his discovery and comforted him. Thurann seemed confident – confident that his rescue was only a matter of time. He spoke of how his father would surely devise a plan to save them all. The room fell quiet as the boy mentioned his father, and it was Jalissa that broke the ill news about Kartenix. Thurann did not believe the young acolyte, insisting that his father could not be slain, and that he would not believe her without proof. Jalissa said she did not have proof, only the word from the heroes that rescued them all, for it was they that had found the body of his father. But the boy carried his doubts as the party gathered up and left the area.

But as the party was comforting Thurann, a few of the adventurers took to search the funerary alcoves in the adjacent room. Unlike the previous funerary chambers they’ve seen, this one had not been disturbed by looting. The corpses within the alcoves were dressed in heavy armor and many were laid to rest grasping weapons. A repeating inscription atop of the walls let all know who was buried here: “Honor the Heroic Guardians of Rivenroar.”

The armor of one corpse was more ornate than the others and its alcove more pronounced. When the party took a closer look they saw the corpse grasped an enchanted sword of great size. They removed the great weapon from the deceased and added it to their growing collection.

The party doulbed-back again to the room with the black sunburst mosaic. This room had a pair of closed double doors and that they left undisturbed as they passed previously. The party took formation and proceeded through the doors and then down a flight of stairs.

The room ahead was very damp and humid, and a watery sheen of condensate on the walls was illuminated by a small spire atop a fountain in the middle of the room. As the group approached the fountain they saw that something had previously been splashing in the fountain. Water had be splahsed upon the floor and small droplets lead off to the west.

Sven was daring enough to disturb the water, and when he did the ripples upon the surfaced formed the image of a room – a room with a dark obelisk and pews. Those gathered around the fountain gasped in amazement. The image went away as quickly as it appeared. So Sven disturbed the water again, this time a differeent image appeared. It became clear to those around that this fountain was some type of scrying device that could look into the different rooms of the catacombs. Then another image appeared and Sertanian exclamied “That’s the dragoncrest helm!” He started to splash at the water with excitement, peering at image after image, until the same helm reappeared. “I knew I saw it!” he exclaimed once more. The image of the helm appeared very quickly, but everyone in the party could see that the helm was in the hands of a massive hobgoblin that was inspecting it.

The party knew there were more areas to explore, specifically the dark hall to the north were the retreating wererat was making his exit. And that is where they headed next.

Once again they took formation outside the iron doors and pushed them open. Within the room a strange but familiar thing happened to the party. The bright illumination of their sunrods was being obscurred. As they entered the room they saw what was happening – at the other end of the room was dark obelisk covered with runes. The obelisk glowed with dark energy that seemed to absorb the bright light of the sunrods, leaving the room veiled in dim shadowy light. It was the same light absorbing effect they had witnessed with the dark sunburst mosaic.

As the party approached the obelisk they could make out a creature standing between the pews. It was a dog – a metallic construct. But it was not the only creature lurking within the shadowy light of the room. The more observent party members saw that the dog stood guard next to a gnome, and more rat-like creatures lurked from the shadows around them. They had walked into an ambush!

A battle ensued. The wererats closed on the defenders from the shadows while the party casters took aim at the gnome and her guardian. The construct was able to dismiss Varis’s spirit companion with its bite, but the persistent shaman was able to resummon his companion within seconds. Shrazkil attacked the gnome with arcane volleys and Thor closed upon both gnome and guardian. Thales and Sven battled the wererats while all combatant jockied for superior combat positioning.

The heroes prevailed and were able to turn away the creatures, even as their wounds seemed to heal themselves. The might of the heroes was too much.


I knelt down and inspected the cloaked figure and sighed. My forefathers are lurking here in this dark crypt, and they are not happy with any of us. How can I blame them, we’re infringing on their home. Perhaps they do not know the blood that runs through my veins. I will have to make sure they do. I flipped my hood up and tossed my cape to the ground to show my true, animalistic form…

I ran my fingers through my hair, in an attempt to stem the matted look the hood had created, I couldn’t help but notice some stares from Varis. I guess I can understand, as my appearance is unsettling to most. He said he has never seen a shifter, or at least he can not recall if he has. So long as he doesn’t attempt to dissect me in the name of Ioun, we shall not have an issue.

As we stepped through a stone pillared hallway, I couldn’t help but feel the hair on my neck and arms stand on end, and rightfully so. In this room, the king, or at least in his time, sat upon his throne. Even in the afterlife, he commanded his followers with but one phrase, “Intruderss! Consuuume them!”

Even though I was ready to take action, I hesitated, but not in fear. Taking a brief moment, I gave a moment to study my prey. It was at that moment, my vision narrowed on my quarry. I darted in with an angelic alacrity, and struck a mighty blow. I could feel the crushing of bone under the weight of my great axe. I took a moment to dodge 1 of the 2 arrows that were aimed in my direction, while the other grazed my left leg.

It was at this time I felt the winds started to stir. Shrazkil had called on the storms of battle. I slide to the side to dodge the powerful bolts. When pitted in battle this sorcerer cares little for friend or foe. While I understand friendly fire occurs, I believe he takes a sadistic glee in it. I will have to watch him.

I found my heart racing, at a pace I haven’t felt in such a long time. I could feel the animal within knocking, begging for release. I saw another arrow directed at me, and I grinned and took the hit in my right shoulder. Varis, confused, paused a second and questioned the deliberate wound.

As the blood seeped from my wounds, my heritage took a hold of me. The rage spilled over me as my canines grew and my pupils narrowed. With a crazed howl, I shattered the nearest skeleton into countless pieces. As the warlord and his minions died, I could still feel the pact of my ancestors had upon me. It felt, so… enlightening.

Session Five

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