Call To Arms!

Session One


As the news from Overlook spreads through the Elsir Vale, the town of Brindol has steadily seen an increase in the number of adventurers passing through. Brindol is, of course, the most populated town within the thinly-populated Elsir Vale, and the town provides a convenient rest stop for adventurers on thier way to Overlook.

The first half moon will rise in a fortnight, so travelers have a few days to make the journey from Brindol to Overlook.

As night falls upon Brindol, the Antler and Thistle tavern finds itself having another typical evening. The presence of a few adventurers doesn’t seem too odd under the circumstances. Milling about the tavern is a short but powerful looking man armored in scale and carrying a large executioner’s axe over his shoulder; a dragonborn of icy-blue scales with an aura of stormful arcana about him; a genasi with purple-hued skin and red-flaring, crystalline yellow hair who wields two triple-headed flails; another dragonborn dressed in plate whose bright-red scales glisten in the light; and a deva covered in blue armor, white silk, and a pair of small decorative blue feathered wings on his back, whose features are like an old statue, ageless in appearance.

Suddenly, the doors of the Antler and Thistle are knocked of thier hinges and a band of hobgoblins rushes into the tavern. Soon after more hobgoblins join the fray aided by a few goblins wielding burning torches. However, the goblinoids have picked the wrong tavern to ramsack – they are quickly slain by the adventurers present. The quick-to-act adventurers are even able to save the tavern from burning down, but not before the tavernkeeper perishes in the flames of the bitumen torches.

As the scene at the tavern came under control, a throng of yelling townfolk alerted the adventurers to another problem down the street. A large ogre, yoked to a wagon and pulling two hobgoblin archers, was headed their direction. The creatures were using pitch casks as improvised explosion devices and were laying waste to all before them. That is, until they ran into our adventurers.

As the ogre turned the corner and came into view, the adventurers did not hesitate and were soon at melee with the ogre. The mighty beast was able to throw a couple ignited casks at the group, but neither toss was able to inflict any harm. Soon after the hobgoblins were bloodied, knocked down, and knocked off the wagon. The threat of any more ignited casks was eliminated.

The creatures got off a few good shots and wounded a few of our adventurers, even blooding one, but in the end the might of our heroes was too much. Bloodied and outmatched, all except one hobgoblin dropped their arms when confronted with the intimidating roar from the dragonborn sorcerer, Sharzkil. The hobgoblin that did not surrender was slain immediately after.

With the ogre defeated and yoked, the group disarmed the hobgoblin and let him run off after swearing never to return. The town guard appeared and took control of the ogre, assuring the adventurers that the creature will be brought to justice with due process. Shortly after more town guard appeared and requested help defending the North Bridge. When the adventurers reached the bridge whatever goblins were threatening had retreated back into the wilderness. Once the threat to Brindol seemed over, the heroes were approached by a man calling himself Geoffrey, who said he was proprietor of the Silk and Spoon Inn. He was awestruck by their performance against the ogre and wanted to show his gratitude by offering free lodging at his establishment. The adventurers obliged and joined Geoffrey, but only after a few of them helped the townfolk to extinguish what fires remained burning in Brindol.

The next morning the heroes were awoken to find a page of the Brindol towncouncil requesting their appearance. The adventurers were being summoned by Councilman Eoffram Troyas. The group agreed to meet Troyas and found him awaiting their arrival in his chambers. At the meeting Troyas complemented the abilities of our heroes and offered them a chance to further assist Brindol. However, before he would divulge the details of the task, he wanted to ascertain the willingness and trustworthiness of the heroes. Were they of the right character to aid Brindol?

It took some convincing, but eventually Troyas felt that he had found the right group to aid Brindol. He told the group unfortunate details about the raid the night before. It appeared the bandits had stolen several relics from the Hall of Great Valor, relics that were very sentimental to Brindol. Worse, seven citizens were missing and unaccounted for. The Council feared that the citizens were taken captive by the bandits for reasons unknown.

Troyas laid out the task before them: Rescue the citizens of Brindol and return the relics to their rightful place among the Hall of Great Valor.


Fourth Reincarnation for Ioun’s commands – First half moon in Brindol

These past days, I have been confused about the events occurring around me. First, a drunk dwarf speaking a language I did not understand forced upon me a scroll, which fortunately I could read. It was about a city called Overlook and how it was sending out a call for help against an invasion. Such a waste, the same battles occurring over and over with no change in sight. Yet, I wandered in that direction since I have arrived in these…moderate and boring lands as I can’t help but feel Ioun wants me to go there. Such a misplaced thought, as my current quest is to find and gather the lost lore that has been lost to all but the spirits that still reside in this world.

It was approaching darkness when I got to the local tavern in Brindol. The Antler and Thistle tavern was…wasteful in the sheer amount of dead creatures decorating its walls. If these things were used to educate others on how to defend, spot, or even fight off such things it would have been better. It is so much easier to see why the natural world detests civilization more and more, once one has lived through the experience.

Anyways after ordering food and drink, a godsend to have enough truthfully, the most dreadful noise started reverberating around the tavern. A short human started boasting about his “conquests” against various creatures, describing his kills in the most gruesome manner. Tactless, uncivilized, and unmannered to others trying to eat in peace around him. Good with a blade and keeping attention, but it would be best to describe that later. It turned out this human’s name was Thor Manfoot. I would have sworn that name came from a lineage of Barbarian clans, I just can’t recall which of my past lives may have heard that surname before.

Before I could truly consider that I had finished my meal, Vecna be damned, goblinoids armed broke down the door and stormed the tavern. A door, which I was sitting near to for the fresh air at that. The civilians turned out to do what they do best, which is panic and become useless. Harsh, but true. Fortunately, things seemed to be well in hand as others capable of fighting were also in the tavern this day. One of the two dragonborns, Shrazkil, turned out to be a Sorcerer that delves in the cold. The other dragonborn is a paladin who’s breath reaks of acid that goes by the name of Thales. Rather quiet for a Paladin I have found. The third who came to the aid was a fellow Gensai who followed the ways of a Ranger, Spaaz. Honestly, it was a comforting thought to still have a familiar race around that this current life grew up with. Even though he actually was able to finish his meal, while I was delayed due to the battle.

Unfortunately, we were unable to protect all the civilians in the bar that night. The barkeep ended up caught in flames of torches thrown by the goblinoids. A shame really, as I enjoyed the service his establishment had. As for the goblinoids? None of those who answered the call were injured badly when dealing with the vermin. The only trouble came was from the fire the little things threw around, which Shraazkil kept contained until more materials able to put out the fire were found.

Outside, a guardsman ran up asking about attack and then telling us that these attacks have been occurring all over town. He suddenly leaves, completely missing the mob of civilians rushing past and … well a sight I truly can say I never seen before. An ogre hooked up to a cart like an ox, with two other hobgoblins in the cart filled with casks. Next thing I knew, a flaming pitch cask flies just over my head and explodes behind me. The ogre apparently was trying to set this whole block a light, with ourselves included.

Injuries were sustained by the other adventurers, painful ones at times even, whether by the fists of the orc or the arrows of the hobgoblins. I truly cannot recall what happened during the fight itself, but the dragonborn Sharzkil let off a deafening roar that scared most of the enemy into submission. Only one hobgoblin foolishly kept fighting, and was immediately killed for his defiance by the Gensai. We let the other hobgoblin run off, so we could focus our attention on the dangerous ogre, which was relieved of our responsibility by the city guard…again late and sent to the bridge north of town about an invasion of goblins. I was rather relieved when the goblins were already fleeing from the town guard. It turns out they weren’t completely useless this night after all.

Fire still burned throughout the city, but by that time I just wanted to finish my meal and get some rest. Not a truly good thought, I will admit, but the distaste for civilization from my current life sways my thoughts while my unsatisfied hunger anchors it. Offer of free lodging and food from a civilian also was nearly impossible to resist, as the establishment I was hoping to stay at had its owner turned up deceased in all of this mess. A calming reward for this mess that I still didn’t not understand was worthwhile.

I remembered a touch more that night, about my other lives. It was just a glimpse, but I recognized that feeling of starvation as the last days of living as a Ranger. I truly hate remembering the pain of that life, but I can recall a name of the beast companion I once had. Errol. I also remembered how…it is not fit for writing such a horrid memory.

The next morning, after insuring that we ate our fill, we ended up meeting with the Councilman Troyas. Why come asking for help, but demanding that we give our pledges on our honor that we will take a task we do not know the details of? A sickly task of…politics I believe. Thales and Shrazkil took care of the civilized acts of diplomacy, an act I have no wish to pursue myself. It was only after they comforted the man, that I finally realized why Ioun had sent me this way. An acolyte of Ioun was taken. If only the man said this before, I would have easily agreed to take this task. Though the offer of 200 gold for a successful job is always a nice thing to have.

Now? We are heading to the towngreen to meet with this hobgoblin we let runaway unarmed, and get captured by the town guard. He is going to speak, as I will find the information he wishes to hide. If this one creature wishes to hide information like Vecna about the whereabouts of one of Ioun’s followers, perhaps he would like to look like the damned god himself.

Session One

Echoes of thunder sing throughout the skies. Streaks of lightning briefly illuminate the moon light skies. I close my eyes and raise my face toward the heavens, to let the sting of rain pelts my face. The howling of the wind seems to whisper one word…Overlook.

The images of the dream were still lingering in my head as I stepped out of a wilderness clearing near the town of Brindol. Since the beginning of my journey nearly a month ago, I have been seeing the same dream every night. I have not been sure what to make of it. Clearly, it means something.

I decided to rest at a local tavern, the Antler and Thistle. The establishment was well lit and quite inviting. The smell of grilled meats was truly a treat, especially after traveling it in the wilderness for nearly a month. As I drank my ale, I noticed the sound of games of chance, even over the loud man sitting at the table not more than 10 feet away. I couldn’t help but chuckle at some of the things this man said. He was quite brash, lacking any sort of tact. Something I actually admire.

Then, something caught my ears. A Dragonborn and Deva were speaking of a scroll depicting something from Overlook. “Overlook?” I thought! Perhaps if I wasn’t so enthralled with their story, I might have been ready for what happened next…

The sound of splintering wood filled my ears as I swiveled around in my chair. I was face to face with several ugly forest inhabitants. Even before I could react, one had launched a torch at the poor bartender, who was immediately engulfed in the flames of his exploding alcohol. Oh well, at least the sight and aroma of the burning cocktail was intoxicating.

As the battle poured into the streets, I saw the strangest of things, an ogre yoked to a wagon.  Hobgoblins were feeding the beast a supply of flaming oil casks.  The beast was hurling several flaming casks, but to no avail.  All but one surrendered in the end, and I wasted no time in disemboweling the poor soul.

The same dream filled my head that night as I slept. When I awoke the next morning, I finally got to read the letter Shrazkil and Varis spoke of the night before. An army of orcs are on the move, hobgoblins attacking Brindol, and strange unrelenting dreams? Things are getting interesting…

Session One

“What a dull, moonless, night.” I thought to myself upon ariving in Elsir Vale. News of Jarlaxis’s presence in the area had brought me here, but the drudgery of the insipid townspeople was enough to make me want to claw my eyes out. “Why would he come to a place like this.” i murmered under my breath; So far from our tribe, so far from his “adoring fans”. That he so non-shalantly can leave proves only to further irritate me. Luckily my boredom was levened when i stumbled across a drunken barbarian just a few miles outside of Bristol. He was fresh from the hunt, boasting and bragging about a measly few kills. I played to his vanity, and with little effort goaded him into a duel. It was childs play to predict his actions, and in no time at all it seemed, he was bleeding out, and with but a glance he had layed his weapon down, fearful of what would come if he hadn’t.

It was then i saw a humorous site, a dwarf on what looked like a war pony. Galloping towards me, obviously anxious and frantic. Clearly he had good senses, for he immediately acknowledged me as an adventurer, and passed along a scroll to me, beconing my help. It seems an Orc army aproaches the city of Overlook, surely this muct be what brought Jarlaxis here. He never could resist a chance to show off how great he is, another opportunity to try and surpass ME and make me look bad. “No.No. Those days are through” i confidently smiled. If he is here, i will find him, and i will no longer play second fiddle to him, or his “Heroicness”.

Quickly the diminuative rider sped off, and i made my way to Bristol. When i arrived at the tavern of the Antler and Thistle i was pleasantly surprised to find so many adventurers. There were clearly men of great talent about, i was excited at the thought of the potential duels i could incite. After all , if i am to defeat “Him” i must grow stronger and stronger, and harness this churning power within me. Just as i begin feeling out the “competition”, a crashing noise boomed through the tavern, as the putrid scent of goblins and their kin burst onto the scene. I was surprised how well the other adventurers handled themselves, within seconds the rabble had been dispatched and the stench of goblinkin were replaced with that of burning flesh and liquor. The cowards attempted to burn down the establishment, despicable even for their kind, i however did no allow it, and with a fierce breath extinquished the fire. Wave after wave of foolish Hobgoblins crashed upon us, and in turn were layed to rest. I was honored to had been able to fight alongside these adventurers, working together to save the building and its inhabitants.

Our fun did not end there. After putting out all the fires and catching our breath, town guards came rushing, followed soon by screaming villagers. It seems our newly formed alliance had more work in store for this evening. Running amongst in the streets were an ogre and 2 hobgoblins on a wagon, these hobgoblins were much more skilled then the fodder we had laid to rest earlier. The battle raged on for but a few moments, the giant beast threw pitch casks clumbsily, though managing to scrape me badly on my left, an act i made sure he would not follow, as i knocked the hobgoblins off their wagon. Soon after, when i saw that they had little fight left in them, i demanded they lay down weapons or be immediately destroyed, common sense prevailed, though not every blade in the armory can sharp. One “dull blade” refused my cheritable offer, and paid with his entrails, one managed to escape to the north, but was later caught.

We were praised , as well we should have been, and after helping secure the north bridge and stabalize some fires, we were treated to some fine lodging and breakfast, before we were so rudely interupted by a paige of the councilmen. We ate our fill, the porrage was especially delightful, and agreed to folow the paige, whom took us to Troyas. Troyas was a pompous arrogant little spec of a man, i cared little for his politics, or his self importance. Through delicate words, and a few carefully placed lies, we got him to speak more freely, im sure he normally is more retentive then a fire giants waterskin. He informed us of stolen relics and kidnapped civilians before he got to the important part about pay. I care little for their plights, but i do need to grow stronger, and these comrades i have met might just be the thing i need to do so.

Session One

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