Call To Arms!

Session Two

Into The Catacombs

After their successful meeting with Councilman Troyas, the Gensai Spaaz had second thoughts about pursuing the goblins. He tells the others of reoccuring dreams and his desire to get to Overlook. Without much formalities, Spaaz leaves Brindol and heads to Overlook alone.

Meanwhile, the other heroes make their way over to the Brindol towngreen where they find the hobgoblin called Morrik. Morrik is kept in stocks and watched by two Brindol guards. The townfolk have not been kind to Morrik, as evidenced by smashed tomatoes around the prisoner’s feet.

Also present is a shadowy, robed figure. He tells the heroes that he too has business with the goblin. The heroes tell the robed person that Morrik might hold information that could lead them to finding the goblins that sacked Brindol the night before. Upon hearing this, the robed figure agrees to assist the heroes in the interrogation.

The interrogation of the prisoner proceeded and the heroes had no problem with intimidating the goblin. The creature whimpered and whined after each pressing question until finally it broke down and told the heroes what they need to know: the hobgoblin warlord Sinruth leads the Hand and told the goblins to sack Brindol and take prisoners. They were to return the prisoners to Sinruth’s hideout, some catacombs under an old ruined castle. Morrik used his shackled feet to draw a crude map in the dirt, aiding in the directions to the catacomb hideout.

With the information on hand and their new long-toothed ally, the heroes started on their journey to find the goblins. But first they revisited Councilman Troyas and pressed him for further assistance in rescuing the prisoners, specifically the need for horses to help transport the prisoners back to Brindol. Troyas, having just denied the heroes request for additional reward money not an hour ago, was visibly irritated by the request. He reiterated that Brindol was just looted and the town’s resources are needed to help rebuild. He went on further to explain that he thought adventurers were a resourceful bunch and figured out creative ways to challenges. However, the heroes diplomatically beseeched until Troyas finally agreed to lend assistance. Troyas agreed to lend the heroes one of his personal pack mules and sent a page retrieve the beast.

With the pack mule in tow, the heroes head north-northeast from Brindol in search of the goblins. Sven, the new shadowy ally, does his best to follow the goblin tracks while Varis watches for natural hazards along the way. The two guides are able to keep the party out of danger and on the tracks, and the heroes soon find themselves are the ruined castle of Rivenroar. Castle Rivenroar has been reduced to ruin by time and vandals and is nothing more than a clearing of rubble and stone. A stairway on the property leading down into darkness gives clue that the adventurers had found the entrance to the catacombs. They tie up the mule and head into the depths of the crypts.

Right away the heroes were thrown into battle as gobinoid guards readied for the intruders in the entry chamber. Two flail-wielding hobgoblins charged in while two sharpshooters pelted the heroes with bolts from the backline. One of the goblins opened a door to the north and then a loud grinding sound was heard throughout the chamber. The heroes continued to battle and the goblin frontline eventually fell. In the midst of battle, two flaming braziers in the back of the room began to move. After a few seconds a ball of flame shot from one brazier across the room to the other! The sorcerer, Shrazkil, was able to control the backline goblins and managed to slide the goblins into the path of the braziers. With the melee help of the mighty Thor and divine Sven, the backline goblins were dispatched before they had the chance to escape with thier lives.

The heroes had slain the guards of the entry chamber and took a few minutes to find a way to disrupt the braziers’ flaming ball. Afterwards, they contemplated on which direction to take next: to the west through doors marked “To Von Urdstadt”, to the east through doors marked “To Von Jallach” (a late family of local prominence, remarked Varis), or to the north and downstairs marked “To Rivenroar Family”. The heroes chose the adventurous route: West to the unknown.

Lead by Thor, they continue through the western doors to a dark hallway. Turning a corner, Thor noticed a brightly-lit room full of hobgoblins up ahead. It appeared these creatures were ready for battle and charged at Thor on first sight. But charging the heroes was a fatal mistake – the hobgoblins fell upon the heroes like helpless waves upon the rocks. They stormed into the goblins’ quarters and assailed the apparent leader of this group, and aided by the mightiest of blows from Thor, dropped the final hobgoblin in mere seconds.

But the heroes were not free from danger yet. Just then the a door to the north opened and two goblins with hand crossbows came darting through firing away. Sven took the blows but remained on his feet. With the rest of the party approaching from the back, the heroes were able to slay the goblins and receive timely healing from the shaman, Varis.

Another room explored and another heap of dead goblins. This room appeared to be living quarters for the goblin scum and the adventurers did not hesitate to search through the bedrolls and sacks. Their efforts were rewarded when they found two items of note: a magical healing totem and a gold bracelet (which Varis remarked was probably looted by the goblins from a corpse within the catacombs).

The heroes were pressed with another decision: do they continue west through double doors (through which Sven could hear crackling noises) or north through the opened door to a hallway with a jagged, dark pit a few feet away.

Their decision and adventure shall continue next time.


-Continued from the previous log. It seemed the Gensai, who I was rather comfortable to be around, has had second thoughts dealing with Overlook. He claims to have had prophetic dreams of needing to be there now, and has left alone. Even my thoughts of the trip being in vain, as he would be forced to wait, could slow him. May the gods watch over him on his trip, though maybe the Councilman had a reason to try to draw on our honor to keep to this quest after all…

Upon reaching the towngreen of Brindol, I must admit my emotions took control of me. I all but ignored both the guards and the robed figure, and was set out on threatening the creature and coming close to actual violence to pull the location out of its head. If I had kept my head clear, as it should have been, I would have understood earlier that the guards would have gladly assisted us in the interrogation. It was fortunate that Shrazkil makes such a frightening individual of arcane might, and that such assistance in the end was not needed. The fumbling speeches of Thor, I am sure we could have done without. Admittedly, his conscience was trying to save the creature locked in the stocks rather then pull the information out of its head. I am unsure if this was wise, or the true approach we should have taken in the end. Thor truly does try to keep to his word, no matter to who it is given or under the circumstances. A rare human for such conviction at attempting such a deed, indeed.

The robed figure, a Shifter Avenger, decided to tag along with us. From what I could gather, his wife and child were killed by goblinoids, and he is on a path of undirected vengeance until either he falls to trying genocide or finds a higher calling for his skills. Such people I can recall from my pasts all too often, and while some climb higher then their original selfish method of revenge, it was not too often they fell and became worse monsters then they hunted as well. May Ioun help this one, and that the path Ioun has sent me also dampen the rage in this being’s heart so it does not flare into an uncontrollable fire. These short-lived races have no clue on the blessings they are given, being able to experience family and having children. It is hard for me not to feel jealous for what this man had and lost, while I will never be able to experience. Fortunately, he also speaks Primordial, so I have someone to practice speaking with that can understand me. I would truly hate to have my ability to speak such a language dampened by lack of practice.

When we pulled out the location of the base the goblins were using, the group realized the trip would be long, tiring, and could delay us in our trip to Overlook. Councilman Troyas…was less then pleased for our request of horses to help speed up the travel and possibly carry back wounded and his towns relics on. Thinking that adventurers spent purely out of their own pocket for such things, or made up such tactics on the fly. The more I hear this man talk, the more I truly begin to … become displeased with him. He has provided no reward for helping the town, demanded our word to take this task before being told the details, promised a pittance in reward for the rescue of his town’s citizens that were captured and artifacts of untold worth, and now lends us a donkey after Sorcerer and Paladin finally calmed his nerves and explained why we needed horses. He claims there is no funds or wealth, since the attack, making it seem the attack pillaged the entire town to the ground with scraps of bread to eat, murky water to drink, and only cloth acting as shelter. This councilman is either being so greedy he is lining his own pockets with wealth, or truly hates adventurers with a passion I have yet to meet before. He makes no sense otherwise.

The trip following the tracks of the goblin attackers went by rather easily. The local fauna and wildlife were admittedly interesting, if dangerous, but the others I doubt truly noticed the dangers I simply steered them around. The Shifter, Sven is a little difficult to say at times, lead the way and followed the tracks quite easily. Though he did seem to go in circles right outside of town, but that can be counted towards inexperience of tracking so close to civilization.

Now we are at the clearing of once was the location of a castle, now just containing a hole in the ground leading to a crypt. We are leaving the mule outside to traverse the dangers that lie within.

~~Scribbled in~~

Goblins were waiting for us inside. Currently fought two groups, and taking a breather in the section of “To VonUrstadt”. Two other paths existed, one labeled “To Rivenroar” and “To Von Jallach”. I can recall Von Jallach being a prominent family in these parts. Found a well crafted totem amongst the goblin’s things, a mixture of wood grown around bone that rather interests me, and a golden bracelet of a female. A bracelet only worn on special occasions at that, or as it seems to be with this case, be buried with it. It seems these goblinoids are raiding this crypt.

Session Two

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