Character Creation


Any race listed in the DDI Compendium.


Any class listed in the DDI Compendium.

Ability Scores

Use one of two methods:

  • Option one: 22 Point Buy
  • Option two: Rolling 4d6

Is there anything better than the pure luck and randomness of rolling dice? If you wish to roll for Attribute Scores you will need to contact the GM and schedule a time to roll dice using Map Tools in his presence.


You may choose one of the following background options and gain the associated mechanical benefit.

  • Option one: Choose one Forgotten Realms background and associated benefits.
  • Option two: Choose one Scales of War background and associated benefits.
  • Option three: Choose up to two backgrounds from the Player’s Handbook 2 and gain a total of two mechanical benefits associated with the background. The benefits are limited to 1) gaining a skill as an associated skill, 2) adding a +2 bonus to an associated skill (this could be the same skill added per 1), or 3) gaining an additional language.

Skills, Feats and Powers

Any Skill, Feat or Power listed in the DDI Compendium.


Unaligned, Good and Lawful Good characters only.


Any Unaligned, Good or Lawful Good deities that are listed in the DDI Compendium and have a completed description.

Starting Equipment and Money

  • Start with 100 gold to purchase equipment.
  • Characters may start with an Adventurer’s Kit at no cost.
  • Characters that use an implement, such as a Holy Symbol, may start with one non-magical implement at no cost.
  • Ritual Casters may start with one Ritual book at no cost.

Character Creation

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