Map Tools

MapTool is a virtual tabletop software program created by RPTools . It is free to use and very easy to learn.

The Call To Arms! campaign will be using MapTool as a chat program, dice roller and tactical combat map.

To get started using MapTools, visit the downloads section of the RPTools website. The most current version of MapTool will be listed at the top of the file list (currently There is nothing to install on your computer – just unzip the files to a folder anywhere on your computer. Launch MapTool by double-clicking the .exe file.

As the start of the game sessions near, the GM will supply information to connect to the game server.

Before the first game starts you can also download the TokenTool program to create your own game token. Tokens are like pogs and take the role of miniatures in MapTool. Alternately, you can use a premade token from any gallery such as this one .

You may also want to view the online video tutorials and wiki under the Tutorials section of the RPTools website.

Map Tools

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